Seminar of the trick

Intervened rehearsal hall of the trick "may and stage, out of breath climbing steep hills is rushing up the stairs of the subway and Kanda River River are cherry blossoms in full bloom in the room was a bit disappointing. Spacious, shiny wooden floors and splendid pine wind. Noh Theater has been my eyes.


Below I have been studying in advance. Sangaku and trick came from China ( acrobatics, magic tricks, comedy performance ) became the comedy it is Japan from ancient times of art in the ' ministries Ogi ' (actor) and unite the Sarugaku.

And comedy performance include the Sarugaku, directly evolved into the trick. Was writing features are also missing difficult.


Became a well story of variety, such as history of the trick and stage is followed by basic aerial work platforms in 'shuffled' description ' was shuffled because I can't see your feet 1, features on the surface. Is what is 2, then shuffled to walked on bumpy ground. "With that the continuing demonstrations. Is similar to the attitude of man dance nichibu everyone very hard that he struggled. Also practice lines with a unique tone of voice. Thank you very much difficult for me are influenced by MTV that there were well bid representative "of this per gozaru' is interesting.


-Simulated hemiplegia patient (しびり) showed that trick. Scene soon heal will pretend to go on errand with waiting for the dinner to hear out laughter, crisp. Less rakugo yotaro talk like Frank also recently slapstick, but even more was and is a trendy feel harmonious angle after you feel history.


Rehearsal Hall of the venue every day.? that has been caused and stood on that day happened to be the sincere thank you. After the volunteers and mood of the day, like the blossom of the tenement as usual at chinzan-so and the Kanda River.  Liquor was the real thing. 

Or study, for fun, thanks.